Other Services

Other Services

Coaching Services for Legal Issues in Physical Therapy Practice

We also work with Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Firms to provide educational materials to assist in reducing risk in the clinical setting and to help with preparation for litigation and trials.

Minimizing Risk:

  • Things to look for in a Liability Policy
  • Proper Floor Plans and Layouts
  • Appropriate Levels of Patient Supervision
  • Maintenance and Equipment Inspections
  • Supervising Support Personnel
  • Staff Training - Hostile Work Environment, Physical Harassment Issues, HIPAA Compliance, Employee Burn Out, The Guide and Code of Ethics, etc.
  • Documentation Standards
  • Monitoring Billing and Coding
  • Building Open Lines of Communication with the Patient
  • Incident Reporting and Follow Through

When a Case Arises:

  • Notifying Your Insurance Company
  • How to find a Good Lawyer
  • Preparing for a Deposition
  • Deciding to Settle or Go to Trial
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