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About Us

Physical Therapy Expert Witness Services evolved from its parent company, Physical Therapy & Fitness By Design, LLC. Dr. Michelle E. Wolpov, PT, DPT is the CEO and Founder of Physical Therapy Expert Witness Services. Dr. Wolpov specializes in orthopedic and sports physical therapy and fitness. She has over 35 years of clinical expertise and currently owns and operating Game Shape Physical Therapy & Fitness Center in Manalapan, NJ, since 2002 (www.GameShapeOnline.com). As a leader in her industry, Dr. Wolpov has been nominated for the Athena Women in Business Award, and graduated top in her class at both Monmouth University's School of Business and Evidence in Motion's Institute of Health Professions.

From a historical perspective, Physical Therapy and Fitness By Design, LLC was originally developed as a practice management consulting company and professional coaching business. Since 1993, Dr. Wolpov has helped entrepreneurial PTs, who want to own and operate their dream private practice do so without the headaches of having to learn things on their own. In the early 2000s, Physical Therapy and Fitness By Design focused on helping PTs manage their businesses using "key performance indicators" or quantifiable measurements to help their companies improve on overall long-term performance. During the next decade, Physical Therapy and Fitness By Design led the march in advocating for physical therapists to become the primary care providers of musculoskeletal health and wellness services, part of the APTA's Vision for 2020. As part of the Company's original mission and vision, Dr. Wolpov presented at meetings for students of physical therapy, at senior centers and libraries, and at networking events for professionals in the community about the importance of physical therapy and fitness as a first choice over medications, injections, and surgery.

Established in 2005, Physical Therapy Expert Witness Services has over 17 years of providing attorneys and insurance companies with unrelenting assistance in understanding the evidence and determining the facts of the case. Armed with 35 years of knowledge, skill, experience, training, and education, Physical Therapy Expert Witness Services and Dr. Wolpov have an excellent track record of successful Case Work, for both plaintiff and defense. They provide thorough reporting, quick turnarounds, a passion for discovering the facts, and Dr. Wolpov is always well-prepared and has the confidence to give fact-based testimony during depositions and court appearances.

Physical Therapy Expert Witness Services is your connection to a champion in the field of physical therapy!

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