Getting Started as a Physical Therapy Expert Witness

Getting Started as a Physical Therapy Expert Witness

Physical Therapists have the knowledge, skills and clinical experience to become a critical part of a medical malpractice (negligence) lawsuit as an Expert Witness.

We offer the following opportunities:

  • Training to Become a Physical Therapy Expert Witness
  • Employment Opportunities for Expert Witnesses in Physical Therapy and in the Fitness / Health Club Industries.
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Physical Therapy Expert Witnesses can establish the Standard of Care that should have been followed and how a particular practitioner breached or did not breach the customary standard. In addition, Physical Therapists may specialize in their particular practice setting or area of expertise. Physical Therapists may also be well suited to work on other types of lawsuits, such as bodily injury cases, breach of contract, premises and product liability cases. A qualified Physical Therapist should be well versed in their particular State's Practice Act, in Administrative Code regulating Physical Therapy and very familiar with The Guide to Physical Therapy Practice.

For Physical Therapists interested in this line of work, and who would be interested in becoming a Physical Therapy Expert Witness, please contact us.

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