Getting Started as a Physical Therapy Expert Witness

Getting Started as an Expert Witness

Are You Looking for Extra Income and a Rewarding Side-Business?

Health and Wellness Professionals have the education, knowledge, experience, training, and skills to become a critical part of the Legal System, by handling medical malpractice, negligence, personal injury, breach of contract, premises or product liability, or fraud cases as an Expert Witness.

Expert Witnesses can establish the Standard of Care that should have been followed, and how a practitioner breached or did not breach the customary standard. A qualified Expert Witness should be well-versed in their particular State’s Practice Act and familiar with their Code of Ethics.

We Offer the Following Opportunities

  • Training to become an Expert Witness
  • How to start and grow your own Expert Witness Business

The Advantages of Becoming an Expert Witness

  • The work is mentally stimulating and thought provoking
  • The work keeps you current on what you know and updated on evidenced-based practices
  • It is an excellent way to help your “own clinic”, limit risk and improve patient safety
  • It can help make you a better clinician or practitioner
  • It provides you with additional income and a better quality of life

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